I loved working with Kharazm. He’s was very flexible in working with my schedule and most important he takes an active interest in student’s learning. Kharazm took time outside of class to help me practice my conversational skills. Also, he was very patient and persistent until I become comfortable at a conversational level. I’m currently trying to continue my German studies at one of the big German schools in the States and I can say Kharazm’s dedication and personal touch are sorely missed.

Travis Brown

For busy working professionals, Kharazm’s professional yet flexible approach can’t be beat! I recommend him & his teaching methods wholeheartedly.

Irene Bruggeman

When I came to Kharazm, I had specific requests on how I wished to improve my German. Going back and learning grammar can be very dull, but he made it fun enough for me to persevere. I am sure his personal experience of learning German as a foreign language makes him the good teacher he is.

Vicky Chanin

Witam Wszystkich,

Jezeli ktos mysli znalesc dobrego nauczyciela od niemieckiego, to dobrze trafil. Sam jestem dowodem na to. Poznalem go na Mittelstufe 1, wlasciwie to z polecenia innej osoby, ktora go niesamowicie zachwalala. Noc coz targaly mna watpliwosci, w koncu Kharazm Mottaghy brzmi malo z niemiecka, a ja chcialem, w koncu bylem w niemczech, niemieckiego sie od Niemca uczyc, no i wlasciwy akcent zalapac. Okazalo sie ze on mieszka prawie cale zycie w niemczech i mowi lepiej po niemiecku, niz wiekszosc Niemcow ktorych znam. Naleze do osob ktorzy niestety musieli sie niemieckiego nauczyc, i dla mnie byla to droga przez meke. Nigdy nie lubilem tego jezyka a tu trzeba sie zmusic i go nauczyc, niestety w pracy nie moglem sie bez niemieckiego za dobrze porozumiec. Kurs prowadzony przez Kharazma byl wlasciwie pierwszym, ktory wzbudzil we mnie zainteresowanie tym jezykiem, na ktorym zaczalem rozumiec nie tylko gramatyke, ale rowniez ze mozna na niemieckim tez sie posmiac, i poprowadzic inteligentna rozmowe. Coz dlugo by pisac, ale wlasnie zdalem KDS Pruefung i bez jego pomocy na pewno by mi sie to nie udalo. Jezeli ktos chce sie niemieckiego nauczyc, moze nawet polubic ten jezyk, a nie tylko chodzic na kursy, to bardzo polecam.



Ik heb mijn Duits uitstekend kunnen verbeteren, aangezien de heer Mottaghy goed kan bepalen op welk niveau je bent en waarop je moet concentreren. Buiten het leren van de grammatica past hij altijd het converseren toe. Gewoon praten over de dagelijkse dingen van het leven. Dit heeft mijn duits aanzienlijk verbeterd. Daarom kan ik iedereen de heer Mottaghy aanraden als je duits wilt leren op een leuke manier.

Michiel Hallmans

I can say with the utmost sincerity that Herr Mottaghy is the most patient teacher I have ever had. He has certainly been faced with some “linguistically challenged” students. His lessons were always fun and he also threw in a few lessons on German history, culture and quirks for free.

Sally Hefer, Compensation & Benefits Specialist

Bhi rang Mottaghy ana sultmhar agus mol me e do dhaoine a maith le foghlaim i atmaisfear suaimhneach.

Eoghan Kenny, Ireland

Olen erittäin tyytyväinen niihin keskustelutunteihin, joita kävin Kharazmin kanssa runsaan vuoden ajan. Peruskielitaitoni oli jo Saksaan tullessani varsin vahva ja näillä tunneilla sain lisää varmuutta ja sanavarastoa käytännön keskustelutaitoihini saksan kielellä. Suosittelen lämpimästi.

Pekka Niskanen, Senior account manager, Finnland

Serdecznie polecam ta szkole jezykow. Wiele sie nauczylem uczeszczajac na zajecia. Mozna wybrac dowolny tryb nauczania zaleznie od twoich umiejetnosci i potrzeb.

Artur Nurzynski, Polen

I have been learning German with Kharazm for 4 months and have found these lessons valuable. He is a very good teacher and makes the lessons enjoyable in a relaxed atmosphere.

Vikki Plant

Thanks to Kharazm I can now communicate with my wife.


Hartelijk dank voor de fijne rune die ik heb beleefd tijdens de Duitse les en voor de hulp bij heft leren van die aartsmoeilijke grammatica!

Andres Snoeckx, International Localization Project Manager, Niederlande

استاد خوارزم متقی یکی از بهترین استادانی است که من تا به حال داشته ام. بسیار مهربان، به یادماندنی و تأثیر گذار، دارای معلومات بسیار در زبان آلمانی و آگاه به روش تدریس درست و نه “طوطی وار”!

تجربه شخصی من گواه این ادعا میباشد چرا که من در طول ٢ ترم آموزش با ایشان پیشرفت چشمگیری داشته ام.

به هر حال به خاطر همه چیز از ایشان سپاسگزارم چرا که در کنار زبان آلمانی تا حدی چگونه خوب و درست زندگی کردن در غربت را هم از ایشان آموختم.

آزاده مهدی، مهندس کامپیوتر – نرم افزار

For all Colleagues, who wants to learn and get the German language in a perfect way: I studied German for around 3 months under the Profession of Prof KHARAZM MOTTAGHY and now i found a job at Munich Airport, my Boss was very impressed from my German Language and he couldn’t believe that i can get it in this short time, he saw it in a very positive way and offers me the job . I can only say Thank You my Prof for your Help 🙂

From Lebanon

Joseph Yammine

I would also like to recommend Mr. Kharazm Mottaghy as a private tutor for everyone who wants to learn a proper German. He is very experienced and will not only teach you this beautiful language but he can also give you very useful information on German culture, art and politics, not to forget local Bavarian peculiarities and dialect. I personally improved my German a lot under his supervision and it was a great pleasure every time we met in class.

Lyuben Lyubenov

I also recommend Kharazm Mottaghy. Very nice person, excellent teacher, very flexible on hours. I had some classes also on Skype.

Fabio R

Hello all,

For those of you interested in learning German I can really recommend Kharazm Mottaghy.

I’m a 25 year old Irish guy and I came here to Germany in September 2013 without a single word of German.

I started taking lessons from Kharazm around the end of November and since then I have gone from a complete novice to somewhere between the B1-B2 level. He is extremely friendly and welcoming, he follows a structured learning plan but also fits in plenty of time for spoken practice. He is particularly good at finding where your holes are and working hard to fill the gaps. He is very reasonably priced, I know this because I tried a few German teachers before settling on him as my only one. He is extremely flexible and will work around your schedule.

So if you are a beginner or are serious about improving your German for work, get in contact with Kharazm, you won’t regret it.


I would propose my German teacher, he is really good 🙂 and have very good sense of humor, so if you want have fun and learn something you can contact him


Hi All,

As did another member in the thread, I highly recommend Mr. Kharazm Mottaghy for a private tutor in German.

He is already a teacher at the Volkshochschule, and is very experienced and patient (he needs it with me). I do 90mn per week and after a few moments I’m already gearing up for a B1 exam.

By all means, get in contact with him if you are looking for private German lessons in Munich.



Randall Broman


26. Mar.2015

I’ve been taking private lessons from Kharazm Mottaghy since September, 2014. Kharazm is a wonderful teacher – very thorough and thoughtful. He is always willing to spend the time and effort to make sure the students truly understand the topic. I fully recommend him to everyone!

MacWow » Ven 15 Mai, 2015 18:25

Salut JulieP,

Je prends des cours perso (2 heures par semaine) avec Kharazm Mottaghy depuis 1 ans. Il a un site web
Il est tres flexible car j’ai un boulo avec beaucoup des deplacements. Il est vraiment l’ecoute et il prend du temps d’expliquer les choses difficiles.

Bon courage !!

I would like to recommend Kharazm Mottaghy as a private tutor.

I had lessons with him for four months (starting level – B1.2) and I have never learnt so much in such a short time. The lessons were interesting, well-structured and very well adjusted to my learning pace and knowledge I already had. He explains German grammar in a very clear, professional way and encourages you to talk a lot. But most importantly, lessons with Mr Mottaghy made me genuinely interested in the German language and motivated me to learn more.

If you want to improve your German in a fast and efficient way, you should definitely contact Mr Mottaghy.

Weronika Pomorska, Munich